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There are currently seven apps available or in development for use with the DMXcat system. Apps Included with the Basic configuration include:. For surveying and visualizing Wi-Fi networks. Useful for setting light levels for on-camera use. Read recent case studies for DMXcat:. Beam Control.

DMX Address Setting

Home About Us Newsletter. Shopping cart 0. See image above. Simply click the chain link icon, which is in the lower left corner of the main screen, to start up a new connection; no need to go into your app's settings. Tip 5: Why does my fixture move when connected to DMXcat?

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If you find a default value that needs to be updated, please submit it with the contact option in the menu. Tip 6: How do I set my moving light to the home position?

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Use the 3-dot menu in the Fixture Controller app to reset all the DMX values for your moving light to their default home positions. The Analyze DMX function in the DMX Tester app can give you valuable information about the data coming from your lighting controller that can help diagnose the problem. This can help you determine how many unique devices your controller can address.

The maximum speed is typically 44Hz it can be faster if fewer than slots are being sent. If a fixture periodically flashes, or goes out and comes back, then it may not be able to keep up with the full specifications of DMX.

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If any other values are present, then there is likely a bad connection or broken cable in the DMX line somewhere. There are some lighting manufacturers that use other start codes for their equipment but running across these is rare. If you have problems with a fixture flashing every few seconds, it may not be responding appropriately to RDM on the DMX line. If the fixture misbehaves, slow the speed down until you get consistent control. Slowing down the DMX rate rarely affects any output on stage.

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Or call City Theatrical at and ask for support. If you receive this message, please connect the Fire tablet to the internet and open the DMXcat app. Light Source is a fully functional photometric calculator for industry professionals, for Film, Television, Photographic, Theatre and Stage applications. This application also serves as an essential learning tool for Film Schools and their students.

Light Source contains an extensive database of lighting fixtures from leading manufacturers. Enter your criteria and the search engine will suggest suitable lamps to meet your needs. Alternatively you can start by selecting your favorite lamp to see if it will be suitable for your requirements. RigCalc for Android offers quick references for a variety of rigging calculations.

Do work with common conversions or calculate even calculate pulley ratios and angles. A list of app capable measurements include:. From light beam calculations to general lighting reference information, the AV professional needs an array of tools just to ensure the proper set up and management of lighting technology. With the help of an Android or Apple device, staging and managing a lighting system is almost as easy as a swipe of your finger.

Enjoy the peace of mind and streamlined performance that comes with a shorter inventory of physical tools all thanks to your Apple or Android smart device.

Dip Switches Tutorial

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DMXcat® Multi Function Test Tool

Previous Slide Next Slide. Requires iOS 3. Requires an Art-Net-compatible hardware or software device, as well as a Wi-Fi connection. DMX Calculator v1.