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Rounding out the list of improvements, the newest Mac minis also ship, as you would expect, with Snow Leopard. They continue to include iLife ' Apple confirmed that you can still upgrade your mini without voiding the warranty.

Adding RAM to my iMac (4GB to 8GB) -- better performance?

However, as in the past, upgraded components--third-party RAM and hard drives--are not covered by the mini's warranty, and if you break anything in the process of upgrading, such damage is not covered. And while you might be tempted to upgrade the hard drive to a larger one--or to a faster, rpm model--an external, desktop FireWire drive will offer more storage capacity and better performance than any upgraded internal drive.

And don't forget that ordering the upgrade from Apple is easier and means the RAM is covered under Apple's warranty. Granted, with an aftermarket upgrade, you'll end up with the original 2GB of RAM to use elsewhere, but with all current Macs shipping with a minimum of 2GB of RAM, those "leftover" chips won't do you much good unless you've got some other compatible hardware sitting around.

However, if you're planning on using the Mac mini with RAM-hungry apps, there's a new wrinkle to consider: As with the previous line, both new minis officially support 4GB of memory. However, according to macminicolo. Apple says such configurations are officially unsupported.

The Mac mini line has always been about size and value, rather than performance.

The early models were prime examples: while they were the first minis that were truly capable of handling the iLife suite and playing processor- and graphics-intensive games such as Call of Duty 4, they performed more like MacBooks than MacPros--or even than iMacs. So even though the late minis are all about increasing performance, you shouldn't expect to be wowed by the newest models' power.

Note that these new tests aren't directly comparable to the ones we ran back in March , and we're still ironing out the details of our Speedmark suite, so we'll have more benchmarks going forward. The new Mac mini models, in their stock configurations, offer decent performance increases over the early models.

How to Upgrade Your Mac When It Gets Old - iFixit

Where didn't the new Mac minis improve significantly on their immediate predecessors? The early Mac mini we tested actually bested the new 2. The older model also slightly outperformed the new 2. The new models also showed no improvement, compared to the early model with 2GB of RAM, in our graphics-card-dependent Call of Duty test. For those with older models considering an upgrade, a more-useful point of reference is the 1.

Apple Mac mini Late 2009 Intel Core 2 Duo (2018 Review)

Indeed, for some tasks, such as the Open Word Document in Pages test, the difference between the two new minis was significantly reduced by upping the RAM on the lower-end model. Finally, comparing the new Mac minis to other current "consumer" Macs provides some additional perspective on performance. With the new Mac mini models, the choice is a bit more difficult. According to Apple, the mini line was designed to be the most affordable way to get a computer with Mac OS X and iLife.

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While that may be true, the early Mac minis were the first that actually let you take full advantage of that software. Just factor in how much your memory upgrade will cost, and if going to PC will be cost effective for your needs or not. Everything is working properly. I own an early 24" iMac as well as two Mac minis and since memory is fairly cheap I was going to up one of the minis model 5,2 to max ram and bought 8GB two sticks from Crucial. While the ram was in transit I read on another site that unofficially the 5,2 models could handle and identify 16GB ram. So when the ram arrived I installed it into the iMac even though it was mhz instead of mhz raising it up from 4GB to 8GB the iMac booted and identified the ram correctly and has since been running fine.

It has also been upgraded to OSX Since then I have also installed 16GB into the mini even though Apple lists it as maxin out at 8GB and it likewise has run without any hiccups as well.

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For the record I got my upgrade information from this site which even though they are vendors seem to be a good source of information on how to upgrade Macs more economically that the Apple store. Running It started up fine, and apps were so snappy, but then the crashes started. The machine is completely unstable, with kernel panic errors every 30 odd seconds forcing a restart.

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Edit: More often than not your mac will accept higher speed RAM. Tyr Tyr 3, 1 1 gold badge 11 11 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. Aren't RAM chips able to detect which frequency they're running at and apply lower latencies where possible? Certainly HWiNFO implies this - as it shows a matrix of timings for each module, with frequency down the left and latencies along each row, which in my case indicates that lower latencies would be achieved when downclocking.

MrDaniel MrDaniel 11k 6 6 gold badges 40 40 silver badges 86 86 bronze badges. Did it actually boost the performance of your iMac? I'd recommend sticking to PC for this spec mac. Mrs Blucher Mrs Blucher 11 1 1 bronze badge.