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Step 4: You must address all of the proposed changes before deleting editor comments. Home Remove markup area word mac.

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You must be in this view to see all of the comments made by the editor. Can't remove watermark in Microsoft Word? Here is the solution. Any other feedback? Word For Dummies.

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  • Can't remove watermark in Microsoft Word? Here is the solution.
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How can we improve it? With regards to comments, this item is identical to No Markup.

Word 2016 For Dummies

The markup area appears best when viewing the document in Print Layout view. Web Layout view also shows the markup area on the right side of the window.

Word 2016 For Dummies

If you choose Draft view, the comments appear as bracketed initials highlighted with a specific background color. Position the mouse pointer at that text to view the comment in a pop-up bubble.

Time Saving Tutorial! How to remove markup area/comments - MS Office Word 2018

When Word is in Read Mode view, comments appear as cartoon bubbles to the right of the text. Cloud Intensity A number describing the intensity of the effect.

Suggested values range from 0. Fill Color The filling color is for the closed clouds. Opacity The constant opacity value to be used in painting the annotation. This value applies to all visible elements of the annotation in its closed state including its background and border but not to the popup window that appears when the annotation is opened.

Track Changes in Microsoft Word – Tech Tip for April 3, 2018

The opacity vary from 0. Printable on PDF If clear, it will display and not print onto the page; If set, it will display and print onto the page. Set this field as default If set, the new object will have the same properties as this one. Text String.

How to Print a Word Document without the Track Changes Marks

Spell Checker. Verify the spelling of words in the text string box.

The author of the annotation. Text representing a short description of the subject being addressed by the annotation.

watch The thickness of the line segments. Border Color.