Mac dark brown eyeshadow for eyebrows

Groomed, shaped and filled-in brows bring focus to your eyes and serve as a frame for your entire face. They are actually the most important feature on our face. Why then, do we give them so little attention? Now filling in my brows is a crucial step in my morning beauty routine. True story. So, eyebrows, just do it. Nothing finishes off a look quite like filled in and well-groomed brows. The following steps are designed for Brow Beginners. Why do I recommend an eyeshadow powder over a pencil?

Firstly, I need to emphasise that you need a matt brow or eyeshadow. You can buy specific brow powders from many higher end cosmetics brands e. Estee Lauder, Clinique etc. So, If you want a brow powder, the easiest thing to do is to pop into a pharmacy or a department store and ask for help remember to pick up an angled brush too.

Mac eyeshadows that can be used for eyebrow fillers?

As an alternative, Benefit and Youngblood cosmetics also have great range of brow products. Alternatively, use an eyeshadow — I do! Eyebrow Pencil: A great inexpensive eyebrow pencil is by Rimmel. You had to track down the nearest MAC counter on your iPhone, and then had El Hub drive you there before you would agree to do anything else.

El Hub was so grumpy!

MAC Unsung Heroes: Brun Eye Shadow

I can do it half asleep, LOL! Mm hmm, interesting… So what do you think now? I love shadows in this kind of color! They are just so multipurpose, like you said. But of course now I want it.

These 12 Eye Shadow Tricks Will Change Your Beauty Life

About Brun,I absolutely agree,the eyeshadow is an amazing brow filler. I use to have the mystery eyeshadow to do the job,but brun is more subtle on my nc15 skin!

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Line B — The highest point of the arch should be right over the outer edge of your iris. Line D — The bottom of the eyebrow should be in a straight line to the arch. You can take a white pencil and put dots where Line A-C should hit your brow, if that helps you in the beginning. Pick the correct colors for your eyebrow.

M.A.C - Eye Brows Reviews | beautyheaven

Using two different shades in colors that suit your eyebrow will help to create the most natural look. If you have hair that is warm or has red tones in it use a warmer color, and the same goes if your hair is an ashy color. Use a pencil and a powder. Use clear brow gel. If you have hairs that march to the beat of their own drum, use a clear brow gel to set the brows in place.

You can also trim the hair if they are extremely long, but be VERY careful… One snip too short, and the you may have a tragic turn of events.

I choose not to trim my brows. STEP TWO: With a pencil that is close to the same color of your brows, draw a smooth line on the bottom of the brow to determine shape.

MAC Brow Tutorial - Haul

Use short strokes while doing this. If you have darker brows, I would stop the line a little after the arch, because it can look very drawn on.

You can use the powder in a later step to fill in the tail. Leave the top and front of the brow bare. Then, use the darker shade to emphasize the arch and other sparse areas. If you are going to use brow gel, you would apply now. I, for example, use Omega and Espresso and have blonde hair.