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And I believe that, if beta testing were to show that the change has a definite negative impact on usability, it would be reverted before full release. So, how, as a community, can we perform user testing on this change? Install the beta, use it, try it out as it comes out of the box.

And for those who say that they support non-technical users, get them to play with it. Now can we please all calm down and help make Lucid the best Ubuntu yet?

The little html tags Bruno used were cleansed from my post. Actually I think it looks stunnung, really clean and tidy. The real reason I posted here was to say that video is hilarious — super job. I tried making it an animated gif so it would work on all browsers but it inevitably looked washed out because there are too many colors in the image. I think this proves a point in the software development world, that even open source projects are not immune to politics and bureaucratic interference.

FULL FIX: Minimize, Maximize and Close Buttons Disappear

The tactics that were chosen for this move were awfully familiar with closed source programs. Then it was sprung at the last second, sounds like an Apple move was attempted but not pulled off very well! Here, right side makes more sense. Yes, and that might have been even a good move, like it or not. The close-box used to be on the opposite side from everything else, and it moved to right next to everything else.

They also made even more drastic changes, like removing the window-shade button, and adding and then removing the single-window-mode button. It seems somewhat bizarre to start complaining about it now, and about something as specific as the window controls. It does look awesome. Like it or not, a theme and therefore, an OS gets judged more by its screenshots and demo-ability than by how it works on a day-to-day basis. Yes, anyone can come up with 15 reasons why this is worse, and you know what? It looks better. In my experience of window managers right hand side for the close button is the odd one out.

In the order I encountered them:. The theme is terrible, and moving the controls was a mistake. This is what the Ubuntu community gets excited about and heralds as ground breaking?

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You have got to be kidding me. I am done with Ubuntu for now, I removed it today. The choice to move the controls to the left and the attitude Mark Shuttlebug displayed on the matter was the last straw for me. Bye for now. I think this change is jarring and as much as I hate Fedora, which still uses a hillbilly shack for the home folder I will change to it.

The fuzzy colors of the default are far worse than the brown people complained about, I think the day will come when they will long for it. Sadly, I agree with Patrick Lindsey, I will not use Lucid and when support for Karmic ends I will move on, probably with a lot of others. Luckily, in the final decision, they decided to move the close button to the very left, consistent with Mac OS X.

That would be an even bigger fail. I am a KDE user since 4. This will all be well worth it if something cool happens on the right hand side. I have XP running in a seamless virtual.. The bug is irritating the hell out of me..

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I add the text to the config.. They better fix this, this is the dumbest idea ever. Have a tickbox somewhere to just pop them back to the right. Two years ago I bought a polo shirt from the Ubuntu merchandise shop, because at that time being part of the Ubuntu wave was something to be proud of. Yesterday I took it from the drawer and checked it thoroughly. Strangely enough, the buttons were still on the right side. Nevertheless, I think I will not wear it anymore. I love the theme released with the latest Ubuntu, but the moment I noticed all of my window controls pop up on the left I immediately muttered a few choice words.

I thought this was supposed to be about the community and user experience — not a personal agenda. Rest assured, this was one or two stubborn individuals who think this is progress. That way, users can decide for themselves if they want their Ubuntu in a Mac or Win flavour. Time to move to a different distro. This is a stupid design decision. I like window controls on the left. I disliked them at first but I find them easier to operate on the left than on the right. It seems that my mouse is always closer to the left side than the right.

I use Mac OS X a lot anyway, and am already comfortable with controls on the left side of the window. They should at least get it right, however, with the close button on the far left of the title bar, and the minimize and expand buttons to the right of that button. It looks to me like they just moved the right hand centric window controls to the left, which is terrible ergonomics and design. I blogged about how to move the buttons back to the other side back in March and it has been one of most visited posts.

So — I have the answer to a burning question being — how do I change the position of the windows controls. Noting that 8. Failing to make the window controls a configuration item seems rather unwise. Lynx was released on April 29, and I was wary of upgrading, mainly because of the interface changes in this [ People have approved of the innovation, submitted it as a bug and helped people to change the buttons back to the right hand side.

How to Make the Green Maximize Window Button Zoom Windows in Mac OS X

Some people said that they felt the decision to change the button location was made without consulting the community. Until today, not a peep. Scott Ritchie, a heavily involved member fired the first volley. This is a little Orwellian. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Home About Contact Subscribe. We need to talk.

Make Windows Look Like OS X 10.5

This experiment was a failure and we need to realize it The alpha releases are great places for usability experiments. J March 12th, at am.

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